Sunday, 20 April 2008

Design Google in your way!

Hi All, I just wanna share something unique which you can make with google using Google MyWay!
Here is the snapshot, picture says it all ^^

Yes, this is my own special and unique google! Now you can make it in your way too, just go to the link and create a text as a logo you wish, and your own google search will appear in seconds! Check the link for suggestions that you can have with this special google at your own design =)

Have a try! Have fun and have a nice weekend! =D

P/s: Thanks to EliteSpace, who email and share with me about this! =)

1 comment:

BlueStar said...

Hi! just dropping by hehe =P
Thanks for the credit, hope you have fun with it =)
Cya around, take care, have a nice weekend!